Entry Type
Consumption Entries
Free and Dutiable 01
Quota/Visa 02
Countervailing/Antidumping Duty 03
Appraisement 04
Vessel Repair 05
Foreign Trade Zone (Consumption) 06
Quota/Visa and AD/CVD combinations 07
Informal Entries
Free and Dutiable 11
Quota (Other than textiles) 12
Warehouse Entries
Warehouse 21
Re-Warehouse 22
Temporary Importation Bond 23
Trade Fair 24
Permanent Exhibition 25
Foreign Trade Zone (Admission) 26
Warehouse Withdrawal
For Consumption 31
Quota/Visa 32
Aircraft and Vessel Supply (Immediate Export) 33
Countervailing and Antidumping Duty 34
For Transportation 35
For Immediate Exportation 36
For Transportation and Exportation 37
Quota/Visa and ADA/CVD combinations 38
Drawback Entries
Manufacturer 41
Same condition 42
Rejected Importation 43
Government Entries
Defense Contract Management Command - International (DCMC-I) (formerly DCASR) is the importer of record and filer of the entry 51
Any U.S. Federal Government agency (other than DCMAO) is the importer of record. 52
Note: When the importer of record of emergency war materials under HTS #9808.00.3000 is not a government agency, entry type codes 01, 02, 03, etc., as appropriate, are to be used. ALSO, ENTRY TYPE CODE 53 HAS BEEN DELETED.
*Transportation Entries
Immediate Transportation 61
Transportation and Exportation 62
Immediate Exportation 63
Barge Movement 64
Permit to Proceed 65
Baggage 66